Mariachi Instrument Tuning Guide

What is cedar?

Cedar is a soft wood with a reddish color that is commonly used for classical guitar tops. It is also used for the back and sides on flamenco guitars. It is a very lightweight wood, yet thicker than spruce, and it gives out a very clear, warm and mellow tone.

Classical vs. Flamenco

Classical guitars are designed to have a warm, well-balanced tone. Classical guitarists utilize a wide range of notes on the guitar and need balanced sound to clearly represent its entire range. As a whole, classical guitars have a gentle, mellow sound. Flamenco guitars, on the other hand, have a much brighter, snappy sound. The Flamenco-style of playing is much more percussive than classical, and is better represented with a guitar that has a sharp, fast attack.

Tying A Nylon String

1. Push string through bridge hole, leaving a few inches at the tie-end (bottom).

2. Wrap tie-end around the string at the bridge, counter clockwise, so it is under the string.

3. The tie-end through itself and pull it back towards you, like tying a loose knot. For a bass string (strings 3, 4 & 5) anchor it at the base of the bridge by bending the string to fit.

4. For a more secure knot, add an additional loop on the string before tightening the end of the string.

5. Pull the string to tighten and secure the string to the bridge.

6. Repeat with the other 5 strings.

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